1. What actually is OnLive?

    Saying that On.Live is just a YouTube for live content wouldn't do it justice. It's not just another live streaming platform, but a complex service where individuals, small businesses and large enterprises can offer their video content and many other services to their customers.

    On.Live not only serves as a tool for media streaming, but offers a complete environment where anyone can offer their content, attract customers and easily monetize their work.
  2. Who was On.Live designed for?

    It was designed for you! To save your time and money. Thanks to On.Live you can reach a huge number of specialists from multiple fields of expertise, including medicine, law, engineering, or… simply watch a football match of your local team if you want to.

    You can also switch sides and become a content creator yourself. As long as you possess knowledge and skills that can be offered to other people, you can start your own channel in a matter of seconds. On.Live will help you find customers and make sure you receive your payment.

    As you can see, whether it comes to broadcasting mass-scale events or simple, private consulting sessions with specialists, On.Live simply makes it all possible.
  3. Who can create content on On.Live?

    Whether you’re just an individual wishing to share their knowledge about e.g. computers, an owner of a small company or a representative of a large enterprise - On.Live provides you with a complete set of tools designed not only to broadcast your video content, but also to attract and collect new viewers.
  4. What do I need to use On.Live?

    A PC/MAC desktop computer with a web camera should be your first choice, but you can also use On.Live on your tablet or mobile device as well. A stable Internet connection is also very important!
  5. How does it work?

    • Public Broadcasts Let’s start with the basic concept. There are two types of broadcast a user can launch. The first one is called “Public Broadcasts”, and as the name suggest, it’s designed to support up to hundreds of thousands viewers online. It’s a perfect choice for broadcasting events like sport events, music concerts, lectures, interviews… etc.

      Depending on your business approach, these can be either free or paid. You simply choose the price and payment mode such as e.g. Pay Per Minute or Pay Per View

      You can also create a closed broadcast, where a password is required to enter.
    • Private Consultations Whenever a private consulting session is needed, our “Private Session” system will be the default choice. Thanks to the inbuilt reservation system, content creators can define multiple session types in accordance with their working time and pricing.

      After a session is complete, your customer can leave an opinion and rating. Gathering favourable opinions will boost the number of received reservations, as more people will see you as a reliable expert.
  6. How do channels work?

    Similarly to other video services, each user can organize their content within the so called “Channels”. Each channel should be dedicated to a particular field, such as medicine, game streaming etc. Multiple channels can be created and managed within a single User account. A single channel comes with four main sections.
    • Information Page – a static page where offline info can be added. Whether you need to include information about your channel or simply about yourself, this section is all yours.
    • Calendar – define upcoming events and let your subscribers know what’s going on. People can follow your scheduled broadcasts and On.Live will keep them posted whenever you add or change anything.
    • Gallery – just like on the information page, you are free to add your own photos or include VOD materials here.
    • Reservations – feature designed for people willing to share or sell their skills and knowledge to other people. Define your working hours, create an offer and manage your clients thanks to the Private Session Manager - intuitive and simple to use.
  7. What is wallet and how do I use it?

    On.Live provides the users with a virtual wallet. Whenever a payment must be done, funds are uploaded directly into it. All the earning will also be transferred directly to the wallet, right after being booked. You can spend earned funds on other services and features within On.Live or simply withdraw the cash to your account. On.Live automatically handles currency conversion.