Divine Gateway with Serket AmunRe

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The womb of a woman is a divine gateway. Our wombs are portals to her wellness, wholeness and wisdom. Daily shows and live streams on the metaphysical and physical breakdown of the power of a woman's womb from which humanity is born. Womb divine Gateway.
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Holistic Womb Healing Workshops for Women

My workshop is designed to show a series of practices and rituals to help to become one with yourself as a woman and embrace your beautiful wombs. Do not allow pollution to remain in your wombs for years to come. We as women carry so much hurt and pain of life and past lives in our wombs. I'm a metaphysical teacher with over 30 yrs of emotional coaching experience and education. I have designed a program called The Divine Gateway to help restore women back to themselves. In some instances, alot of us have never met ourselves.

10 min

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